Student Feedback from Art Writing Center

What’s Your Inspire Story?

I had just started Sketches by Chad Eric Keith and wanted to brush up on human figure and portraiture. So I enrolled in a class at Inspire. … Dan McBain was the drawing instructor and the class was filled with amazing artists. Because I was new to creating a business of my art, I was looking to hone my skills, and I was looking to surround myself in art and as much positive energy as I could. Spending the last 20 years as a chef, I wasn’t sure if my art business would become successful, but in the effort to make it, I was looking for networks, feedback, and positive influences. Inspire offered talented instructors and mentors, friendly relations, a laid back environment, and lots of ways to create art! In just a short time, the people at inspire encouraged me, influenced me, and helped me grow to be the artist I am today. The stress free environment allowed time to learn from mistakes, reflect on accomplishments, and focus on goals. The multitude of classes, supplies and knowledgeable staff, were key resources in offering a diverse, creative environment, allowing growth at all levels. From Inspire I have gained confidence, maturity, and friendships. My business would not be the same without Inspire. For these reasons, I believe the time spent with Inspire, has kept me a better person and has played a positive role in my endeavors.

Chad Keith

Lamar Elementary Thank You Note

After graduating, I wanted to do something for myself so I decided to take art lessons. I googled and quickly found Inspire. I immediately liked how Inspire was a not-for-profit art studio, and I was ‘inspired’ by all the outreach in my community. I called and signed up to take private art lessons. After a few months of lessons, I signed up to take the class “Painting Whatever.” My friends and family comment about my growth as an artist. I get one-on-one help in class, and I love having a mentor that I can ask about selling my art, or about a new technique. I am truly grateful for all that Inspire does, not just in my life, but in the lives of everyone they touch with art.

Izzy Anderson